Hello from Philadelphia

It has been two months since I arrived in Philadelphia, and I have wanted to resume regular blogging about my time here. Not to ‘create content’ or drive traffic per se but to get into the regular writing habit. Barring the first week where I was irritated and disoriented when I realized the room unfurnished, and the bathroom was dirty to the extent that a slipper stuck on the floor did not move if you tried to push it.

Meanwhile, I went to campus on few occasions, met with few people and slowly trying to get myself accustomed to the neighbourhood. There are some decent supermarket and speciality stores within walking distance, so that helps. However, I might move up a block or two next semester with another friend from Delhi.

The US is weird. Capitalism is so ingrained into people’s lives here. It is not surprising that people here overemphasize community initiatives etc., because that kind of system is inherently lacking. This emphasis on individually negotiating the city may have its pros and cons, but it certainly makes you alienated. More ethnographic notes on the US of A later.

It is springtime now, and the weather is getting better, with an occasional cloudy day where it drizzles a bit. I usually avoid going out unless I have to meet someone or go to the supermarket. Last weekend I spent few hours at the park, and it felt nice. I should do that more often instead of doomscrolling on Twitter.

The biggest update is that I got vaccinated during the walk-in vaccination drive at the Convention centre. I am yet to get my second shot, but it already feels liberating.

Anyways. I hope to keep blogging a bit more frequently to log my notes of amusement about UPenn and Philadelphia.

PS: I ate cheesesteak and wasn’t impressed. I will give it another try.

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