Masaan is an anti Modi propaganda

masaan-posterThe libtard sickular filmmakers in Versova are at it again. Their hatred for Hindu Culture has been always evident from their unwanted and immoral films that have sex scenes and regressive ideas such as woman emancipation, caste eradication etc. The latest one in that league is this film called Masaan, written by a guy called Varun Grover (who’s also been performing a show called Democracy ki Aisi Taisi, ever since our honourable PM Narendra Modi came to power.) Ironically, he studied at Banaras Hindu University but was involved in theatre group there so must be a jholakurta type commie. There is no source I can cite (fuck you Rajiv Malhotra for having forced us into these useless academic routines) about the director Neeraj Ghaywan about being an anti-national but he’s from Hyderabad which always has been a breeding ground for anti Akhand Hindutva nation. He recently opposed appointment of Gajendra Chauhan and supported the naxalites at FTII. But their personal linkages with these naxalite outfits is not as shocking as the film itself and the imagery that Masaan tries to plant into the innocent viewers in India.

Masaan means crematorium. The film is set in contemporary Banaras. The sickular libtard khangressi filmmakers want to subtly convey that Banaras has become a crematorium post Modi’s victory from that constituency. Why didn’t they make this film in Amethi, Rae Bareilly or Italy for that matter? There’s a credible source who told me that this film is funded by Ford Foundation to malign the pristine image of India. They say this film is shot in Banras but don’t show any of the holy ghats nor anyone doing Puja and Aarti. Instead, in the opening scene of the film, a boy is doing Devi. I mean, why would you have a film about Banaras opening with a sex scene, with a character who’s named Devi? My hindu sentiments have been tantalised..errr…hurt.  Also, they’ve maligned the image of Brahmin girls by showing her engaging in illicit relation with a Bania. The character of Mr. Pathak is very problematically portrayed (but good they used a Brahmin actor to portray Brahmin character. Credit where due!). They show him engaged in immoral activities like gambling, corruption, allowing his daughter to decide her future etc.

The other story in the film is fundamentally flawed given that it shows intercaste relationship between Deepak and Shaalu. Shaalu, a hindu girl from a respectable family, is shown to like urdu shayari written by muslim poets. How can they allow this on screen? How did Pahalaj NIhlani pass this film for censor? It also shows disintegration of Hindu culture by portraying Deepak who’s moving away from his traditional occupation to city after getting a better job. This might send a wrong message to lower caste youths in this country. If all of them move to cities by getting educated and good jobs, who will burn our pyres, till our land and moreover, maintain the village culture and tradition? This is what that British confidante Ambedkar wanted his people to do. Masaan is just an extension of that thought and hence a threat to Hindu nation. If they make a sequel to Masaan, they might even profess conversion and criticise Ghar wapasi.

Both the protagonist of the film, Devi and Deepak, move to Allahabad for better prospects, leaving Banaras. This shows a city developed by Mughal rulers is better than one originally developed and brought up on hindu ideology and culture. Another credible source told me that part of the film’s funding came from Pakistan. This just proves the point. This film has won standing ovation and some award at a film festival in France. This is not surprising as the western world has always looked down upon India as they know that we were far superior to them, and much of our vedic knowledge was created in Banaras. A film which shows dark realities of such a great and holy place is bound to strike a chord with these western audiences. And these people in Europe will like any film which has sex scenes in it (Gandu, for ex).

Masaan is an anti-national, anti Modi and anti Gajendra Chauhan film that portrays a very ugly picture of Banaras by telling ordinary stories of ordinary people. Banaras is about safeguarding great hindu tradition which the film says has been shaken by advent of modernity and industrialisation. This film also pays their tribute to India’s colonial masters by having railway pass through every now and then, and even a song about railways. I think this is essential on maker’s part so that the film becomes a strong contender for Oscars. This film might do good collection at Box office but will seriously hamper tourism industry in India as it maligns image of India’s greatest tourist destination, Banaras. Hence, in the interest of nation, I think this film needs to be banned.

Also, Bazinga!

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  1. yawn

    it’s the Adarsh Liberals who keep cribbing about movies – be it Bahubali or Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

    Nice forced attempt to draw parallels. Now go back to hating Bahubali.

  2. 1. If they make a sequel to Masaan, they might even profess conversion and criticise Ghar wapasi.

    It’s not conversion, it’s reconversion, or better de-conversion, or even better-home coming as it means litterally

    2. and much of our vedic knowledge was created in Banaras
    It actually was created in Punjab, Porkistan wala Punjab

    3. At so many places you wrote the word Hindu without capital “H” as in “hindu” (may Bhagwan forgive me committing this crime for demonstration purposes ). This shows you are yourself an anti-Hindu gunda badmash.

  3. Every thing should be banned, if the author could. I don’t think the film maligns India’s image. Ofcourse its an ordinary story, but the truth.
    After watching the film I felt strong urged to visit Varanasi

  4. I think the author is subtly trying to make fun of our party ideology. This is not done. Fuhrer will not like this. Please provide your home address. We at BHAJIA DAL just want to talk *mummy promise*

    1. this is a brilliant piece? my god…never cease to wonder under which rock such thoughts come out from!

    1. i guess you havent realized the piece is a satire? it’s not the author’s thoughts – but the thoughts of those religious zealots who generally say/ do / demand these?

  5. jesus…people who are leaving comments – pls read the whole damn thing!

    author is presenting the views which are prevalent among the intolerant political/ religious extremists…and does it nicely as a satire!

    good piece….ironically we will have thousands who actually will laud your ‘views’ 🙂

  6. And here I thought only Brits had a sense of humour. By jove! Well done, I say. Will some one please pass the tea, or call the tea vendor at least?

  7. This is exactly the reason why GAJENDRA CHAUHAN was not allowed to enter Film and Television intitute of India (FTII). Such people will encourage shooting rama n krishna fictions…which inturn would clap hands to the cultural livelihood of the brahmins and a good film like “MASAAN” wich says about the impact of problems in the society created by a hinduism (brahminism) n its principles which are biased towars upper castes will receive such reviews by serpents if not morons ..BJP is nothing but indirectly Brahmin janata party…

  8. If it is Anti modi..then you are anti human.. anti modi is far better than anti human.. ” bhakts !! inta bhi bhakt mat bano ki bhagwan bhi has pade.. “

  9. hahahaha…thanks for making us laugh out loud…now go and sit back on the toilet seat from where all your sentiments stem…

  10. You are fucking brilliant. After a long time i have read a blog and wanted to be the author’s friend. Well done sir, well done.

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