Notes from Delhi trip

I recently made a short trip to Delhi just for the sake of it. Idea was to meet some friends who’ve been calling me for a while to visit them and visit JNU, NSD and Ambedkar.

  • Never take a train from Goa to Delhi. Work harder, earn that extra fucking money and buy a flight ticket. Because it’s 24+ hours in a train and shit can get boring if you are travelling alone.
  • Delhi Metro is the thing! Restores my faith that this country can have better infrastructure. It was surprising to see those disciplined queues at the platform to get in, people giving up seats to elder people and ladies etc. Bombay local, watch and learn!
  • Had the fortune to attend a talk by Dr. Salman Akhtar on his father Jahanissar Akhtar at this lovely venue called “The Attic” in CP. (I also learnt that CP is Connought Place and NOT Chanakya Puri).
  • Went to JNU.  Also, saw the Neelgai. *fingers crossed*
  • Went to Ambedkar Univeristy. Was shocked to see that their canteen serves only veg food. So un-leftist!
  • Went to NSD but it rained and kept raining. Couldn’t find the books I wanted nor could I catch any plays.
  • Thanks to Namrata Joshi, finally met Rajshekhar who had penned lyrics for Tannu weds Mannu! Such a sweet person he is. I thanked him almost dozen times for writing “Yun hi”.
  • Dilli haat is boring and it’s so difficult to hunt for Jholas for men in delhi. Talk about gender discrimination!
  • Bongs talk much more when they’re drunk!
  • Air India is not as bad as people portray it. Had a decent flight experience on way back to Pune from Delhi.
  • And I’m in love with Delhi! Especially if you are into food, arts and fabindia, Delhi is a place to be!
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